Quality Assurance

Our Speciality Quality And Punctuality

Along with the growth of Asian Group as an organization, we have also refined our quality measures to meet the top line standards existing today in our packaging, and other manufacturing divisions. Quality control is given paramount importance. All the Asian Group divisions have a separate and dedicated quality assurance and quality control team, Members of the QA and QC teams are highly trained specialists, who monitor not just the product, but also the process with a hawk’s eye. Our main goal at Asian Group is to serve our clients to their utmost satisfaction, and we recognize that strict and efficient quality assurance is the key to achieving that end. We have a task force of competent and qualified engineers to supervise the entire manufacturing process. Our engineers are stationed at all key locations to ensure that only the best products leave the manufacturing unit.
Our entire quality process is segmented into two steps. At one level, the intermediate products are tested, and at another, the final product is put through quality testing. We assure our clients quality standards that not many manufacturers across the board are even willing to promise. Asian Group constantly seeks to improve its quality standards. We believe that our real profit above all is the one that we earn when our quality helps to gain us a satisfied customer. The quality measures which are adopted by us can be briefed through the following flow chart :


We Follow The Rules For Providing Best Quality !


The winning combination , at work for you !

Customer satisfaction through the quality and reliability of our product and services is achieved by our will to deliver better by consistently improving our products, systems, and procedures. We are an ISO 9001-2000 certified company.For keeping pace with the expanding market scenario, we have already started manufacturing corrugated boxes as well as packaging materials. For this, we have high-speed machinery which is known for its vast production capacity. In addition to this, reliability has assured the best quality of the products.

  • Edge Crush Tester
  • Ring Crush Tester
  • Flat Crush Tester
  • Bursting Factor Tester
  • Viscosity, Gsm Tester,Moisture Meter,Cob Tester.

Design Innovation


We are able to offer our design service when undertaking a new project or when changes to existing packaging design is required. We take into consideration machine limitations and ensure that we optimize the most economical and effective solution available for our customers, whilst still providing a packaging solution that gives consistent and reliable performance.


3D functionality allows us to fold the design on screen
    • Artwork check – By importing customers’ artwork onto the design itself and then folding the structure, we check that the artwork supplied matches the design correctly, is in the correct orientation and that images appear on the correct panels.
    • Finished product view – High-resolution 3D still can be created to give the customer an understanding of how the finished product will look; animations can also be recorded to see the design folding.

Providing solution With quality

Asian Group, a professionally-managed partnership concern, established in Baddi (Himachal Pradesh), has been in the field of manufacturing corrugated boxes, corrugated sheets, multi cartons, and mono cartons since March 1996. The Plant, located in Village Katha, Baddi, has a total area of 2,00,000 sq. ft. and a constructed area of about 1,65,000 sq. ft. with ‘A’ class construction. The Construction of the Production Hall has been designed so that the goods are never exposed to any kind of dust or particle-pollution. For storing the goods, separate storage has been provided. The raw material is stored on a floor under a covered shed, so that moisture and other particles cannot affect the storage. Over the years, there has been a marked increase in the number of boxes. Our manufacturing technology, machinery, and business processes have seen numerous improvements and enhancements too, hence making a strong and growing customer base