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Welcome to Asian Group Of Industries

Asian Group is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of Corrugated boxes,Paper Cone and Paper Tubes in the India. Owned and operated by the same family since 1996, we have a solid reputation for meeting the exact requirements of our customers.In our Company You will find everything you were looking for with the best conditions


Boxes, Cases & Cartons

We are able to manufacture most standard cardboard boxes, cases and cartons with a range of print requirements.


Happy Clients

Through quality and reliability of our product and services to be achieved by our will to deliver better products instantly...


Design Team

Our own on site Graphic Design Team ensuring rapid turnaround of finished artwork and provide better products.


Greater Quality

Asian Group Providing quality packaging solutions for over 16 years and fully satification of Clients.

Asian Group

Asian Group begin in 1996, when the company first registered the trading name of Asian Industries Corrugated Box Suppliers. During the early years Asian Group operated from premises in Baddi H.P.


Regular Slotted Container



Telescopic Type Boxes



Partition Type



Slide Type


Our Process

The modern world is in a continuous movement and people everywhere are looking for quick.


Fluted paper is the middle liner of corrugated board, which can be supplied individually as a type of protective packaging. It provides protection by filling empty spaces in the outer case and providing a cushioning effect for the primary product.

This corrugated, glued paper then meets the liner paper. Both are glued in place and then the paper is rolled on the delivery roll.

Fluting paper is the middle liner of corrugated board, which can be used individually as a type of protective packaging paper. We offer Fluting/Medium in 90-300gsm range. Fluting provides protection by filling empty spaces in the outer case

Liner paper is a simple paper. The paper from the fluting roll is passed through corrugating rolls which flutes it. This moves forward and glue is applied on the peaks of the paper

The process begins by making corrugated board on a corrugating line, a long series of linked machines totaling the size of a football field. Paper is fed into the corrugator, where it is steam-heated and pressed to form corrugated cardboard. One roll of cardboard is corrugated and then glued between two other layers.

  • Bursting Strength Test.
  • Edge Crush Test 2 Single.
  • Water Resistance of the Gluing.
  • Cobb Sizing Tester.
  • Paper Grammage and Thickness.
  • Puncture Resistance.
  • Scuff Resistance Test.
  • Box Compression Test.

Our Features And Functionality

As a manufacturer of rigid set-up boxes and corrugated packaging and a distributor of packaging supplies, All Products can create a look that’s right for you.Our strength lies in our “can do” approach to each and every project.


Design Team

Whatever your packaging vision, our own on site Graphic Design Team will bring your ideas to life.


Machinery Capability

Aligning our packaging capabilities with the market place we operate in through modern machinery.


Technical Support

Expertise in structural packaging design, our innovative approach is backed by a very high level


Small Enough To Care

Attention to detail and our caring attitude towards all of our customer’s, dates back to our humble.


Colour Print

Bring a visual impact to your finished product through our high quality Colour Print and provide look of your products.


Time & Effort

Regardless if you spend 5,000 or 500,000, Durham Box will employ the same high level of energy.

Our Facility

Asian Group has the largest number of machines among all the packaging enterprises in the world.

Corrugated Box

Custom Box lines min
$ 10
  • Printmybox offers a broad assortment of corrugated boxes.Printmybox is a customer-focused and innovative distributor of corrugated packing boxes.
  • Custom Corrugated Boxes
  • Printed Corrugated Boxes
  • Corrugated Mailing Boxes
  • Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Die Cut Boxes

Package Consumer And Industrial Goods lines min
$ 10
  • Diecut Boxes are used as a box to package consumer and industrial goods. The cartons are manufactured in many shapes and sizes on boxboard materials.
  • Small Outer Packing Box
  • Colour Corrugated Box
  • Special Corrugated Box
  • Die Cut Corrugated Box

Paper Cones/Tubes

Box For Food Products lines min
$ 10
  • Diverse range of cardboard, clear plastic and even wooden lunchtime based packaging covering a wide selection of food produce. We also stock compo-stable product ranges.
  • Tubes-sandwiches
  • Baguettes
  • Salads
  • Tortilla Wraps

About Asian Group

Asian Group is the perfect environment for the manufacture of clear packaging products. We care every details; from materials, storage to every production process, we always strive for the highest quality standard!